It’s a wide range and we know it. We help empower hardworking individuals who are, regrettably, too often forgotten. Laborers in America’s workforce work hard because others depend on them. They are the backbone of our society. At the same time we have the experience to make competitive athletes great!

Multiple factors can affect the physical health and psychological well-being of workers and athletes. Research indicates that job strain and repetitive or hazardous work conditions may have detrimental effects on physical health. Work stress has been identified as a risk factor for hypertension, diabetes, upper extremity musculoskeletal problems, back problems and cardiovascular disease. Athletes that are competing at a high level also have their own set of risks that could lead to devastating injusries affecting their career.These are preventable issues.


Don’t have time to cook? Your fitness and health made convenient.


Build an empowered, united team within your organization. The comradery and unity of purpose achieved with our wellness program are matchless. Employees look forward to coming to work because they have taken an interest in and hold one another accountable for their common wellness goals. Your organization will be forever changed.


Create a lasting culture of health and fitness within your organization. A heart-healthy, strong and flexible employee is a safe employee. Provide the ultimate healthy culture needed for your organization to flourish.


Nevels Fitness Agency has brought results to companies that have demanding, highly-physical work environments by creating a culture of wellness through our personal training and other services. Training with Nevels Fitness increases employee productivity and reduces staff turnover. In fact, our process empowers employees to lead healthier lives, overall, not just during the training sessions.

It also builds loyalty between the management team of our clients and their staff. As a result, many employees attribute their lifestyle changes not only to Nevels Fitness, but to their employer as well. All of these aspects can lead to your entire organization being transformed.


Why do I focus on fitness for the working class? I would watch my father being constantly tired from working 12-hour shifts at a plastics manufacturing plant. Chronic fatigue. Loss of mental clarity. His days and nights would start to run together. When my dad took his 2am lunch break, he was unable to eat healthy because there were no good options that late at night. He suffered various back and muscle strains from repetitive heavy lifting. While he was home, there was still stress and lack of energy because his work had demanded so much. Yet, he continued to do this for over 34 years to support me and the rest of his family. So now it’s my turn—my mission—to honor his sacrifice. You see, I realized that there are still entire groups of people out there who are just like Dad was. I know I can help them lead healthier, happier lives. For me, it’s more than a job, it’s a legacy.

Trusted by these organizations

case study
Owen Electric | Sparta, KY

An energy company focused on community and the health of their employees chose Nevels Fitness. With a staff that has to be ready in emergencies and no stranger to hard work, their team has to be fit and healthy. The Nevels Fitness Team generated some amazing results…and had some fun in the process.

Meet the team

Jordan Nevels
A son of a Baptist minister who was born and raised in Florence, Kentucky. Jordan is a fitness model, personal training industry mogul, DBC Level 1 Certified Trainer and owner of Nevels Fitness Agency, Inc. He is also a global fitness infomercial host. “Fitness and health are my passion. I am a NASM certified personal trainer and enjoy taking care of my body as well as pushing others to the limit.”

Kimberly Lyn "Kim" Lyons
An American athlete, personal trainer, nutritionist and fitness model who has appeared several times on the covers of many health and fitness magazines. Kim has also starred on the reality television show, The Biggest Loser. Subsequently, she appeared at the 2008 Miss America Pageant as a panelist, and wrote a book entitled Kim Lyons: Your Body, Your Life.

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