Nevels Fitness Agency is a corporate wellness company dedicated to empowering individuals to become the healthiest versions of themselves. We are unique in the fitness world in that we truly care about the whole you, not just the size of your waistline. This core belief is reflected in our comprehensive wellness plans.

Nevels Fitness Agency was founded by CEO and philanthropist Jordan Nevels, an agent of change who is passionate about giving back to the community through various outreach efforts, such as launching the #HopeDealer movement and hosting Nevels Fitness Boot Camps with proceeds donated to charitable causes. All Nevels Fitness trainers are National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified (NASM). Jordan also earned his DBC Level 1 Biomechanics and Human Movement Certification in 2018. This certification comes only from a Miami training facility to which the world’s elite athletes flock during their off seasons. Their staff applies research in biomechanics to fitness training. Sessions are taught by leaders in the field, like Donnie Raimon, Lebron James’ trainer.


The mission of Nevels Fitness Agency is to empower individuals by creating a culture of wellness within their workplace. We do this through personal training from NASM and DBC Level 1 Certified personal trainers, biometric assessments using the highest technology available, stress management strategies, facilitated goal setting and monitoring, and individual and group incentives.


Some of the products and services that Nevels Fitness Agency offers include:

  • Personal & Group Training from National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainers
  • Full-length, online workout & Instructional videos
  • Skype sessions for additional branch locations
  • Individualized fitness plans designed by DBC Level 1 Certified Trainers
  • Biometric assessments
  • Bod Pod assessments with customized print outs
  • Individual goal-setting and monitoring with incentives
  • Private conferencing and coaching available at your convenience
  • Massage therapy from Certified Massage Therapists
  • Other specialized services such as boot camps, health fairs, group wellness trainings, employee surveys and the potential for nationwide corporate competitions
  • our family drives us to help your corporate family

    For some of us American workers, the weekend is a time to rest, regroup and rejuvenate our bodies and minds. However, being a factory worker and also the pastor of a small, Baptist church, my dad had very little time to rest his body and mind on the weekends. On Sunday mornings, after working a 12-hour shift and getting home at around 8:15am, he would be showered, dressed and ready to lead my family out the door to church by 10:00am. (As you can imagine, that made it difficult for me and my siblings to even think about sleeping in after a late Saturday night.) To be certain, all of this took a toll on my dad’s physical and mental health and, at times, put a strain on familial relationships. Our faith was definitely essential. Nonetheless, growing up in my humble home made me realize the importance of dedication…and of allowing your body and mind time to recover.

    For me, Dad is the epitome of the hardest working-class American. He is also a very wise man who has always been a responsible steward over his time, talent and resources. (Being a loyal husband and father of 6 children who all graduated from college, he had to be, right?) I consult him for advice often; he’s my honorary Chief Financial Officer. I am passionate about emulating that same stewardship and channeling that same work ethic every day in my own endeavors, including making Nevels Fitness the best fit for your organization.

    And, by the way, I praise God that Dad was able to retire at the age of 63, after working at the same factory for 34-1/2 years and being in America’s labor force for over 46 years.


Skyrocket employee production, dramatically reduce injuries/workers’ comp, and much more! WE could SAVE YOUR ORGANIZATION MILLIONS OF DOLLARS!