Giving Back

Nevels Fitness Agency Gives Back

One philanthropic initiative launched by Nevels Fitness Agency is #HopeDealer. It is an outreach program designed to give back to the community and promote positive change everywhere. #HopeDealer is a social movement designed to bring hope to individuals who feel hopeless by partnering with organizations that promote awareness of and provide resources for the needs in our community.

Nevels Fitness wants to light a spark that will grow into a wildfire by spreading hope. Help us spread that hope. Hope to break chains of addiction. Hope to battle cancer. Hope to pursue a dream. Hope for healing of mental illness. Hope to rise out of poverty. Hope to love again after divorce. Hope to conquer fear. Hope to overrule depression. Hope that suicide is not the only option. Hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Help #SpreadHope. Stay tuned for a link to our Nevels Fitness Team Store to order your gear. Use it to spark a conversation that will spark a change in someone’s life. Share your personal story; it may be more encouraging than you realize. You can be someone’s personal super hero by spreading hope. Become a #HopeDealer and help change the world.

Then register for one of our upcoming Nevels Fitness Agency boot camps, from which ALL proceeds are donated directly to a charity that spreads hope. Stay connected for updates coming soon.

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