Case Studies


With our engaging training, supplemental instructional videos, stress management strategies and individual goal setting & monitoring, Nevels Fitness Agency cultivates a supportive culture of wellness that provides the tools needed for sustainable lifestyle changes…helping you & your employees get started, stay motivated, and see results.

According to St. Elizabeth Hospital biometric screenings*, after implementing the Nevels Fitness Wellness Program for only 9 months, in 2015 our client, Owen Electric Cooperative, had their highest number of participants in the “Doing Well” or “Excellent” categories for overall health and well-being scores since 2010. In fact, after partnering with Nevels Fitness, Owen Electric Cooperative saw all of these problem areas decrease in their staff by 50%:

  • Elevated cholesterol (LDL 130 – 159.9 mg/dL)
  • SBD…High levels of stress at home
  • High levels of stress at work
  • High levels of financial stress
  • Individuals without physically-active lifestyles

Imagine…all of these health-threatening, productivity-stealing issues being cut in half! In addition to the transformed wellness of their employees, the bottom lines of the companies with whom we have partnered speak for us. Owen Electric Cooperative spent over $18,000 less on St. Elizabeth Hospital wellness services in 2015 as compared to 2010–and had their highest health scores in the past 5 years. We are cultivating similar results with our other clients.

In summary, Nevels Fitness Agency offers a variety of programs and services to ensure your employees’ physical and emotional well-being. Our team members will help your employees begin the path to empowerment, stay motivated and see results. Contact us today to get started!

*Source: 2015-16 St. Elizabeth Hospital Health Assessment

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