Our Team

Jordan Nevels, Founder & CEO


Northern Kentucky native, Jordan Nevels, is a former University of Kentucky student-athlete and a Nicholls State University graduate. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degrees in Sociology and Psychology in 2010. Jordan is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified and DBC Level 1 Certified personal trainer.


Jordan has been making an impact in the wellness world for several years. He began as Personal Training Director in 2010 at Urban Active. He then relocated to Miami where he worked at the world-renowned Equinox gym. Throughout his time in Miami, he was able to help many high-profile clients, such as Will Smith, Dwyane Wade, and P Diddy.

Jordan’s first big fitness television spot was when he joined Beach Body’s Shaun T in Hip Hop Abs in 2011. In 2012, Jordan was recruited to be the infomercial host of the Wonder Core fitness product, and he still serves in that role today. You will see Jordan on the front of those fitness boxes in stores and on television screens in countries throughout the world, spreading his message of health and fitness.

Jordan brought together the best fitness minds and personal training practitioners in the country and developed Nevels Fitness Agency, Inc. Jordan and his team at Nevels Fitness Agency began providing corporate wellness services in 2014. Since then, every organization that has experienced their program has never been the same.


Being one of six siblings has built strong family ties within Jordan. It has also instilled a fierce sense of competitiveness within him. This competitive edge is evident in his personal goal setting and work ethic, always pushing him to new achievements. In his spare time, Jordan…you guessed it…works out and takes pride in his own healthy lifestyle. He also delights in attending his family’s church and family gatherings.

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