Cutting-Edge Technology

For our baseline health assessments, Nevels Fitness team members not only utilize standard biometric screenings, such as a complete blood panel, we have partnered with experts who use the Bod Pod. The Bod Pod body composition testing systems are used and recognized by many prestigious institutions, medical facilities and testing programs…including the Mayo Clinic, the U.S. Military, most NFL teams, many Division 1 university training facilities and even the hit TV show, The Biggest Loser. The Bod Pod is a non-invasive test that can be used by men and women of any age, of any shape or size, to accurately benchmark and track body composition changes.

There is no other form of body composition testing that is as simple and non-invasive. In fact, it is so safe and accessible that it may even be used by children, the elderly and individuals with special needs. It is also very important to note that the Bod Pod is absolutely safe for repeated tests so that a coach from Nevels Fitness can help you and your employees track your progress. Just think of the convenience and impact of a Nevels Fitness team member bringing this innovative technology right to your work space. And after our baseline assessments, we get to work…straight to the path of empowerment!


At Nevels Fitness, we understand the critical role that nutrition plays in achieving fitness goals. However, we recognize that dietary needs are deeply personal and can vary significantly from one individual to another. For this reason, we encourage our clients to seek out professional nutritional advice to tailor a diet plan that best supports their unique health and fitness objectives.

Our coaching philosophy centers on empowering clients with a comprehensive understanding of how balanced nutrition complements their training efforts. While we provide insights into the fundamental principles of healthy eating, such as the importance of whole foods and maintaining nutritional balance, we firmly believe in the value of professional guidance when it comes to personalized diet plans.

We advocate for consultations with certified nutritionists or dietitians who can offer expert advice, taking into account your health history, fitness level, and personal goals. These professionals can help you navigate the complexities of nutrition, ensuring that your dietary choices support not just your physical fitness but your overall well-being.

Nevels Fitness is dedicated to supporting our clients in all aspects of their fitness journey, including facilitating a deeper understanding of the role of nutrition. However, we do not prescribe specific diet plans. Instead, we recommend partnering with nutrition experts who can provide personalized, evidence-based dietary guidance, ensuring that your path to fitness is both healthy and effective.

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